Sering vzw realises long-term projects (productions), projects in cooperation with or on behalf of other organisations (co-productions), even internationally, and short-term projects that lead to presentations (toonmomenten). Choose from the menu below to learn more about our past productions.

Vloeibare Tijden - Fluid Time

Vloeibare Tijden/Fluid Time is opening on November 23!

Shows on November 23 and 30 and December 7 and 8 at 20u, and on December 2 and 9 at 15u.

Reserve your seat via or call 03 272 03 30. (The play is entirely Dutch spoken)

Tickets €7 and €5 (+65/-12)


‘When you are getting older and have found peace in life, your past quietly passes by again'

Showing on October 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 at 20h and on October 7, 14, 21 at 15h.

Reserve your seat through or +32 3 272 0330! (The show is entirely Dutch spoken)

7 euro or 5 euro (+65/-12)

'Gemeenschappelijke Ruimte' 'Common Space'

'Gemeenschappelijke ruimte' will be played again after a great succes!

18/19/20 March 2011
25/26/27 March 2011

Friday and Saturday at 20h
Sunday at 15h

Three is enough

New scenes are made in Peru, New York and South-Africa.
Antwerp youngsters will give an answer to these new scenes.

Baobab schoolprojects

For the next three years we will be working with  two elementary schools:
Het Plantijntje and Villa Stuivenberg.
These schools will join the WVTC (Worldwide Virtual Theater Carousel)

Chaos (working title)

"The idea that tomatoes were poisonous was widespread until the late 18th century,
when a man ate demonstrably one on the steps of the courthouse in Salem, New Jersey. "
Long live the exploratory man. He can beat our biggest enemy, that is: our own passivity.

In September, Chaos (working title) premieres. A production with young and old, who after
working and exploring together for more than one year will reunite on stage again.

SWCHWRM, A portrait of the artist as a young kid

SAT 04/12/2010 - Festival 0090: Wereldculturencentrum Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp T. +32 3 248 01 00
SUN 05/12/2010 - Festival 0090: Wereldculturencentrum Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp T. +32 3 248 01 00

SWCHWRM is the story of a boy who tries to develop a language for the world he's discovering.

First Love

First Love

On Friday 14, Saturday 15, Sunday 16 May
Friday 21, Saturday 22, Sunday 23 May
Friday 28, Saturday 29, Sunday 30 May, 2010
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 3pm
booking advised: 03-272.03.30 or by mail
tickets at 7 euro / 5 euro (-12/65+

School and family performances

You can book school and family performances the whole year around.
Don't hesitate to contact us for more technical information.

Parsonia from 4 years
Kulibali from 8 years
Drie is genoeg from 10 years
Vreemde Grootmoeders from 8 years

UitgePERSt (10-12-2009)

A media satire for the uninitiated
Extra representations in March 2010:
Friday 5th, Saturday 6th at 8pm
and Sunday 7th at 3pm
Groeningerplein 2, 2140 Borgerhout (map)
Book at or 03-272.03.30
tickets: 6€ / 3€ (-12/65+)
The editors board of 'The Future' faces a profound restructuring operation.
The newspaper gets a facelift.
Everything to please the readers.
This causes tensions at the office.
The editors are worried: is news becoming a merchandise?
Is the difference still clear between publicity and news?
Who decides what is news and what will be suppressed?

"The wall that existed between the marketing division and the editors room is full of holes", reporters say.
What are the consequences of this for the reader, the listener and the viewer ?

Discussions with journalists, tons of scientific literature, interviews with newspaper readers and internal debates between the actors are processed into a theatre text that shows in an absurd way how the logics of the market can't always be reconciled with the prevailing norms of journalism.

Actors: Kalifa Bals, Souliman De Croock, Rania Gaaloul, Mia Grijp, Rebecca Huys and Xuan Nguyen • director: Lisette Mertens

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