Sering vzw realises long-term projects (productions), projects in cooperation with or on behalf of other organisations (co-productions), even internationally, and short-term projects that lead to presentations (toonmomenten). Choose from the menu below to learn more about our past productions.

Daar waar het gras groener is (20-05-2009)

Monday morning.
A single office.
Ten co-workers. Eleven chairs.
Kevin is ill. Or is it another quarrel with his lover.
Twenty  lingering feet. Ten mugs of coffee. Muttering.
And then silence. Only the computer keyboards talk. Tikketik.
Like ten chronographs. Tikketik.
They work. Absent-minded. Each one occupied by their own thoughts.
Each one floating in their small boat towards the other side.
Where the grass is greener.

Droomreizigers II (24-04-09)

Droomreizigers II

A village... in a not so distant past. People live in harmony with each other. but the town brings laws, judges and notaries. It strives for the ground. 'They build fences, we tore them down. They rebuild them... we tore them down again. It looked like child's play, but it went out of hand... just like child's play sometimes does...' A number of villagers organise themselves. They use violence, the town reacts with still more violence.

Drie is genoeg (20-02-2009)

Wiebel, Droge and Jeep each have their problems. They meet every day.
Three musketeers against the rest of the world?

The play is suited for everyone over 10 years of age.

with Rania Gaaloul, Souliman De Croock en Raouf Hadj Mohamed
written and directed by Lisette Mertens

School performances at Sering or at school can be booked at: or 03-272.03.30.

Kulibali (6-02-2009)

Both actors play characters based on real events. Cathy is a passionate saver, and Bert is her adopted little brother from Africa.

with Rebecca Huys and Kalifa Bals
written and directed by Rebecca Huys and Mia Grijp

The play is suited for everyone over 8 years of age.

School performances at Sering or at school can be booked at: or 03-272.03.30.

The Brides (4-12-2008)

Women from different corners of the world join voices to tell of a shared and ineffable dream of romance, companionship, marriage and chaos.

First night was at Pregones Theater, Bronx, New York on December, 4th, 2008.
With Mia Grijp (Sering) and Rosalba Rolon (Pregones), music by Desmar Guevara (Pregones), after an original concept of Anna Grusková (Slovakia).
The play will be played at Sering at a later date.

Droomreizigers (14-11-2008)

A village... in a not so distant past.
People live in harmony among each other and with their surroundings.
Until the wolves come. The White Wolves. An army with a calling. Blinded by their ideal, they hunt down anyone who doesn't want to follow them.
Many village people run away. They get lost in a new world. Behind huge city walls.
But the past continues to haunt them. It lives a life of its own.
They want to return to their village. Looking for answers, family,... a hearth.

Due to the illness of one of the players, performances were stopped. A new version was scheduled from April 24th, 2009 onwards.

vzw Sahara (7-11-2008)

The support group for immigrant women and girls (Steunpunt Allochtone Meisjes en Vrouwen - SAMV) and Sering present 'vzw Sahara'?
A boys' play about 'girls'.
Immigrant boys let you take a look at the way they see relations, women, mothers and being in love! With the tea-shop Sahara as a backdrop we get to know the ups and downs and the ins and outs of boys and 'their' women.

Maniok en Patatten - DVD (26-10-2008)

An African child refuses to look his teacher into her eyes when she speaks to him.
The teaches interprets this as a lack of respect and attention.
The African child doesn't understand this. In his culture, a child should not look into the eyes of an adult out of respect.

A project about the day-to-day consequences of cultural differences between Africa and Europe.

Vreemde Grootmoeders II

'Vreemde Grootmoeders' is still available but only on location.

After a successful tour along Flemish Cultural Centres (2006-07), Mostafa Benkerroum also played Strange Grannies in the Netherlands, starting from the Dutch première in Amsterdam on September 23th, 2007.
Starting from October 1st, 2008, Souliman De Croock takes over, in a newly directed, more dynamic version. The first representations of the new series have already been played in Bussum and Rotterdam, and in November 2009, Vreemde Grootmoeders was staged again at Sering.

Theatres, cultural centres and schools that want to organise a representation of Vreemde Grootmoeders are welcome to contact us at Sering

Parsonia (12-10-2008)

Are you ready for the big trip?
Because today, we're leaving for Parsonia.
The most beautiful country in the whole world.

For everybody over 4 y.o., by two young actors,
Xuan Nguyen and Robert Grovogui Goua, directed by Tania Poppe

School and travel representations (from September 2010 onwards) of Parsonia can be booked at Sering!

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