Sering vzw realises long-term projects (productions), projects in cooperation with or on behalf of other organisations (co-productions), even internationally, and short-term projects that lead to presentations (toonmomenten). Choose from the menu below to learn more about our past productions.

Pépé's eiland (16-02-2008)

We are pleased to announce the birth of our first project for the Virtual School:

A group of kids is looking for rare shells on an uninhabited island. At the eve of their departure, they get lost after a fiery storm leaves the beach unrecognisable. During their search for their ship that will leave the same evening, they learn by coincidence that the island isn't really uninhabited.
When Tommy, the youngest of the group, finds a beautiful shell and wants to take it home with him, the children enter into a strange story... the story of the island and its original inhabitants.

Een bruid voor Sarfo (23-06-2007)

At the demand of PINA, the bureau for new immigrants in Antwerp, Sering made a project with newcomers in town about marriage habits in different cultures.

A would-be bridegroom travels around the world with his mother: Nepal, Tibet, Azerbaidjan, Ethiopia, Mongolia,... There are beautiful women everywhere, and magnificent marriage ceremonies, but not one of the potential brides owns a costume for the groom. He continues to search and search until he finds the woman that has the right outfit for him. And then there is a grand feast of course.

De Man (19-05-2007)

Six girls at Sering, directed by Tania Poppe, worked a few months to make a theatre play. Most of the texts they wrote themselves.

The actors of the play one day all get a mysterious letter in their postbox. In these letters are recognisable phrases, laden with meaning, but that put more questions than they answer. Until the mystery solves itself... in the very last fable.

Het avontuur zonder muts (31-03-2007)

At the demand of the Cultural Centre and several organisations in Mortsel, Sering started in 2006 a project with people with a handicap with the perspective of creating a theatre production.

Cowboy Don Diego wakes up in the middle of the city. He meets the Elf Elf Elfs, the dangerous Frisco Jack and other crazy characters. Will he find his lost father, or on the contrary lose his heart?

Fanfaresoep! (9-03-2007)

A thriller about a 25th wedding anniversary.

16 regular adult participants at Sering developed a scenario for a wedding anniversary. At the end of August 2006, the actors laid the foundation for this play with a day long improvisation. Starting from this basis the characters, dialogues and the structure were elaborated. When the players chose their roles, the one of the groom remained open, and that became a red thread in the production. The result is a feast, at which volcanos above and under the table are waiting to erupt.

Een verhaaltje voor het slapengaan (24-02-2007)

The project started in March 2006. The proposal was to make, at the occasion of the 25 years of existence of the special youth care organisation De Touter vzw, a theatre play with some twenty kids from the home assistance groups and the day centres of De Touter, Tandem, Taimoen, Tracee...

Maniok en Patatten leven samen in het donker (11-11-2006)

African women are often confronted with incomprehension and wrong interpretation of what they and their youngsters do. Through theatre, the African women of Mwangaza and Apimee take their public along into their world and the daily contacts with their environment in Antwerp. Encounters in the neighbourhood, on public transport, in hospital, in school... illustrate that those contacts aren't always evident. What we see is not always what it seems.

Felicità (11-11-2006)

Youngsters from Antwerp philosophise about themes close to their hearts: absolute love, eternal fidelity, blood brotherhood till death, friendship for life... for as long as it lasts.

Het verhaal van twee werelden (2-12-2005)

Chaotic images, extreme masks, the 'crash' of an individual, all is registered and edited for the show. Suffering becomes a commodity. The camera is always present. Except there were people dig deeper... where they want to remember in an epoch of imposed amnesia...

Twenty-five actors from Antwerp sing and play what the search for past and future of the human species has put into motion for them.

De kip of het ei (24-08-2005)

In our jubilee year we worked round one central theme: ‘Migration as a necessity for the evolution of mankind’.

Our youngest players, children between 5 and 11 years old from the neighbourhood, also took part in this. They developed a kind of quest inspired by the question: ‘What came first, the hen or the egg?’ After two months of intensive work during the summer holiday, they produced a very imaginative presentation moment at the end of August.

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