Sering vzw realises long-term projects (productions), projects in cooperation with or on behalf of other organisations (co-productions), even internationally, and short-term projects that lead to presentations (toonmomenten). Choose from the menu below to learn more about our past productions.

Vreemde Grootmoeders (30-05-2005)

After a successful tour along Flemish Cultural Centres (2006-07), Mostafa Benkerroum also played 'Strange Grannies' in the Netherlands, starting from the Dutch première in Amsterdam on September 23th, 2007. After more than 200 representations, Mostafa Benkerroum looks for new challenges, as an actor at the Internationaal Danstheater in Amsterdam. His first production there, Proud2B, had its first night on October 18th. It proves that Sering's project to professionalise young actors works!

Starting from October 1st, 2008, Souliman De Croock takes over, in a newly directed, more dynamic version.
We wish Mostafa and Souliman success!

Nevelwezens (18-9-2004)

For weeks already a group of youngsters is working with much conviction on an opera. To prevent that youngsters miss rehearsals because they must baby-sit on their brothers or sisters, the ‘small ones’ also get roles in the play! But they don’t stick to their text, and want only one thing: go to the land of the Elves and the Children of the Fog... there’s only one solution: improvising and hoping for the best.

Parkgangers (13-03-2004)

During a heat-wave the city park is invaded by townspeople from Antwerp looking for coolness. A colourful bunch gathers on a lawn that is way to small. Before long everybody is interfering with each other. Bizarre conversations and absurd situations develop. For even if they are all very different, all the visitors of the park have one thing in common: they crave attention… admiration… the world at their feet.

Vogels voor de Kat (14-11-2003)

Five sisters from between 60 and 83 years old are together for the first time in many years. But the past is haunting them. Things that happened in the past and weren’t digested still wreak havoc, most of all among the younger sisters.

Op Drift (22-11-2002)

Owing to a 'human error' a train gets on a dead end track. On a piece of wasteland on the edge of a big city the passengers get confronted with a group of modern nomads, who survive by doing street acts, poaching and self-made gin.

Licht ontvlambaar (March 2002)

Licht ontvlambaar deals with life's patterns. 6 people of different origins sing, act and play music on instruments that are mainly built from recycling materials.
Licht ontvlambaar is a tribute to the child in ourselves that we have lost, a tribute to the eternal rebel who, slumbering in each of us, may suddenly erupt, and it is a story about smothered desires.

Tijdrovers (November 2001)

Three professional actors, and twenty fellow citizens aged between 7 and 81, bring a family performance on the subject of time... or the lack of it!

Oemmi (29-09-2001)

Five actors (for most of them it was their first experience on stage) take you to Morocco before and during the Second World War. It is not only a period that saw the rising influence of Western culture in their country, but it was also the time when women around the globe started organising themselves and the fight for emancipation became an irreversible fact.

Pad van Dromen (08-10-1999)

This production deals with dreams and frustrations of people living in a multicultural neighbourhood.
17 people, both young and old, employed or unemployed, professional or amateur, new Belgian or Belgian by birth, all sang, told stories and improvised together. Out of this grew a tragicomic portrait of a city area where small egos with big hearts live together by coincidence.

Krant en Fantastisch (February 1999)

A newspaper’s life doesn’t always walk on roses, as the newspaper of December 12th learns when it looses one of its pages. Through the hole left by the missing page a being emerges that calls itself Fantastic and that can look in all directions at once.

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