Sering vzw realises long-term projects (productions), projects in cooperation with or on behalf of other organisations (co-productions), even internationally, and short-term projects that lead to presentations (toonmomenten). Choose from the menu below to learn more about our past productions.

Bron (1997)

Despite their social and cultural differences, many adolescents ask the same existential questions.
Five actors and one musician expressed and gave voice to the quest of 'The meaning of life'.

Sering en Vlag (December 1995)

 Lilac and Flag

The whole story is a brilliant metaphor for last century's social history, i.e. the vanishing of country life and the migration to the big cities.
This production, performed by 50 people (the youngest aged 6 and the oldest aged 74) had its premiere in the Bourla theatre and was the start of the social-artistic workplace Sering.

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