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12/11/2012See some more pictures of our visit to our Canadian partner organization

Click the "read on" button and meet Joahnna, Audrey, and Ron from  Debajehmujig, our World Carrousel partner organization in Canada. Meer Info

06/11/2012The Fluid Time players are working hard!

At the end of the month Vloeibare Tijden/Fluid Time is premiering at Sering! Meer Info

06/11/2012Visit to Debajehmujig Theatre Group

Click "Read on" to see some pictures of the Sering visit to Debajehmujig Theatre Group in Wikwemikong, Canada! Meer Info
Who are we?

Sering weaves people into the world
has been active since 1995 in a way that breaks through limits on all levels: all ages, social and cultural backgrounds are brought together during the creative process.
Professional stage artists accompany each project, and explore all limits on the artistic level too.
Team work and a continuous cross-fertilisation between professionals and participants make these socially relevant productions into a unique blend of diversity and unity.

Sering and World Carrousel

Sering was one of the founding members of World Carrousel,
an international co-operative of community theaters which uses the technology of the Internet to work together on artistic projects. World Carrousel is now part of our daily workings. Find out more at

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