Newsletter 1

01/04/2010 14:10

Is old 'out' ?

We'll convince you of the contrary with the play:

Eerste Liefde - First Love - Primer Amor


“I met him at the dance school. You feel it right away: dancing becomes something else. You float, you feel happy and warm.”

The social-artistic work that Sering has developed the last 15 years in the very heart of Borgerhout, hasn't gone by undetected internationally. We are solidly embedded at the worldwide level. This has taken the form of a unique co-operation network. Under the name 'Worldwide Theatre Carousel', we create productions with Arena y Esteras (Lima, Peru), Pregones Theater (Bronx, N.Y.) and the Tswelopele Performing Artists (Tembisa, South Africa).
After a few internal test projects, to try out this new methodology, we are ready to include our local partners. In this way we build an artistic collective with people in the neighbourhood that want to contribute to worldwide solidarity.

In May we will show the first result. Sering worked at the local level with the Service Centre Den Drossaert and the Home for the Elderly Gitschotelhof of the Antwerp OCMW (Social Welfare). Six regular Sering players on the stage are virtually supported by 80+ citizens from Lima, South Africa, the Bronx and Borgerhout. With testimonials, funny anecdotes, song and dance.

From May 14th 2010 at Sering. Read more on our website