Legislative Theatre 4 You(th)

Let’s learn more about the oppression that is affecting our lives
Let’s speak out as underrepresented communities
Let’s unite so we can find ways to overcome oppression
Let’s discover more about decision making processes
Let’s develop strategies to influence reality


We are making progress, but it is not enough, we need more! We need more youth voices and input in the way our community is organised and policies are made. We need to find new suitable tools and re-organise the democratic typical procedures that are currently in place.


For this reason, the long-time partners Sering (BE) and Formaat (NL) came together to make civic education and youth participation accessible to all. Together, with our own youth groups, we aim to produce quality innovative methodologies that are open source and will change the policy making process into a more open one, where all our voices are taken into account! Thus, we created the project – Legislative Theatre 4 You(th) – that is co-funded by the European Union programme Erasmus Plus.

Our starting point is the Legislative Theatre tool, initially created by Augusto Boal and further developed by many experts. Our task is to gather this knowledge and adapt it to our current reality in youth work, through an action-research project in the field. The results from this experience will be compiled into a toolkit and a series of video materials, that will, as soon as possible, be shared with you all.

We are in the middle of the process, and we invite you to join us in this journey. There are many possibilities of sharing your knowledge and experience with us, exchanging good practices or by participating in our training in Legislative theatre, in Netherlands and Belgium, as well as in the final events, in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Our first training opportunity is a Masterclass given by Katy Rubin at Formaat in Rotterdam, on the 25 and 26 June 2022. For more information see this page. Registration is unfortunately no longer possible, the workshop is fully booked.

Second opportunity is a 3-day workshop at Sering in Antwerpen on 18, 19 and 20 November 2022.
More information is coming soon.

We will keep on updating news, opportunities, and project results in this webpage, thus stay tuned!

In case you want to get involved or have any questions regarding the project please contact Andreia Bessa.